Greens Promise Opposition with Integrity, says Keeping


Janet Keeping - Green Party AlbertaCALGARY – The leader of Alberta’s Green Party and a candidate in the September 3 by-election in Calgary-Foothills says intelligent opposition in the provincial legislature is sorely needed. Janet Keeping says, “We would provide constructive criticism using sound logic and reliable information when criticism is warranted. We would support the government when to do so aligns with Green values and would be good for people of Calgary-Foothills.”

Keeping, who has held the post as party leader since September 2012, says she would provide “sound alternatives to the ideas we criticize whenever possible, whenever the available resources permit. We won’t always have the relevant information or the staff to do the necessary analysis and research, but we would always strive to meet this goal.” Keeping adds, “For example, we’ll be watching closely how the NDP-appointed climate change panel does its work and we’ll provide better alternatives to their recommendations where necessary.”

Albertans have seen some nasty, immature and completely unnecessary partisanship in the last few years. But as Keeping says, “responsible criticism is always directed at the unsound idea, not at the person putting it forward. We’ve seen other parties and politicians go after the personal characteristics of their opponents – such as their appearance or whether or not they have children, for example. We promise never to do any such thing. We’re all about good government and never about the personal side of things.”

Keeping, a former President of the Sheldon Chumir Ethics in Leadership Foundation, believes that improving the civility of politics is a win-win for all. “It should go without saying that intelligent opposition is always motivated by a desire for what’s best for Albertans, and as MLA for Calgary-Foothills, what’s best for those constituents, and for what will strengthen and improve our democracy. We would avoid criticism that degrades the democratic process and turns Albertans even further off politics.”

“Responsible opposition reflects respect for political opponent and ally alike and – overall and always – it reflects the deepest respect for the people of Alberta and their precious democratic institutions.”

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