Grants Available Through Bow Valley College, High River Campus and Calgary Foundation

Bow Valley College, High River campus is offering a fantastic program to help Foothills residents pursue post-secondary education in partnership with the Calgary Foundation. There are twenty-five scholarships available in the amount of $4,500 each plus additional funds for supplemental expenses.

As explained by Randea Prince, the Administrative Assistant for Bow Valley, this initiative takes into consideration the fact that many families have used their savings to rebuild after the 2013 flood and this may have impeded their ability to attend college or university. Many area residents may also have lost their livelihoods and are looking for a new direction.

Although open to any age, it is focused on the Grade 12 Graduates where the family income prevents them from getting student loans. The grants can be put towards post-secondary education at any institution.

Certain criteria does have to be met and a series of seven workshops has to be taken.

The workshops, which will be held on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays, focus on seven areas:

  1. Introduction to Career Exploration
  2. Career Choices and Goals
  3. Essential Skills Assessment
  4. Application & Admission to Post-Secondary Education
  5. Learning Styles & Strategies
  6. Financial Planning
  7. Personal Education Plan Toolkit

Randea said, “Bow Valley College hope that 100 people will go through the program which will help them develop an education pathway through skills development and build a momentum to carry them through.”  Bow Valley College is hoping to pilot this workshop series in the future for potential prospective learners to learn about career and education options, regardless of what institution they are interested in attending.

If you are interested in these workshops, whatever your age, and have been impacted by the 2013 flood then please contact Bow Valley College at 403-441.2399 or email: