Grade 7 Students Take on Roles of Mini Architects and Engineers in Okotoks

Following approval in December 2015 of a new K-9 school for Foothills School Division (FSD) at west 32nd Street in Okotoks, Grade 7 Science classes at Westmount School (Okotoks) and Heritage Heights School (DeWinton) have been creating their own design plan for the school incorporating principles from units on Heat and Temperature, and Structure and Forces. The classes have been divided into small groups, which are working on different sections of the school.

The students from both schools came together to share design ideas, compare existing structures, and visited the actual school site to explore the topography of the land and how orientation and location on the site may impact their design.

Students were divided into two groups: one group actually visited the site while the second group reviewed designs at the school; the groups then switched half way through the afternoon. While at the site, students visited three stations – wetlands, topography and infrastructure.

Gr 7 students at new K-9 school siteThank you to the following for taking part and organizing this unique experience:

  • Bridget Couban, Parks and Culture, Town of Okotoks (Wetlands)
  • Christa Michailuck, Parks Manager, Town of Okotoks (Wetlands)
  • Steve Hanhart, Planning Manager, Town of Okotoks (Topography)
  • George El-Mehallawy, Project Manager, Alberta Infrastructure (Infrastructure)
  • Christine Crane, Grade 7 Science teacher, Westmount School, FSD
  • Brad Skeet, Grade 7 Science teacher, Heritage Heights School, FSD
  • Denise Litke, Instructional Coach, FSD