Government’s Actions on Math Working

Grade 6 results on the mathematics Provincial Achievement Test (PAT) have improved thanks to the government’s actions on math.

Provincial assessment results at the Grade 6 level showed strong performance across all subjects tested last June, including five-year highs in English language arts, science, social studies and Français.

In mathematics, the percentage of students reaching both the acceptable standard and standard of excellence increased over the previous year. This was the second year in which a separate, no-calculator portion of the Grade 6 mathematics PAT was incorporated into the test.

“This improvement in Grade 6 math scores is a positive sign that our actions on math are working to help students with their math skills and achievement. We have taken a number of steps to improve math education, including providing more professional development for elementary teachers and introducing a bursary program to improve math teaching skills. I’m so pleased to see students across the province increasing their results in mathematics.”

~David Eggen, Minister of Education

Alberta students continue to perform exceptionally well in the sciences at the high school level, with positive results in physics, chemistry, and biology.

The Mathematics 30-1 and Mathematics 30-2 diploma exams will introduce written response questions in the 2018-19 school year, allowing students to show their work and their understanding of mathematical problems.

Provincial assessment results are released as part of Alberta Education’s Accountability Pillar, which tracks metrics assessing the health and success of Alberta’s education system.