Government Takes Steps to Protect Consumers

The Fair Trading Amendment Act would, if passed, provide government with tools to ensure that delegated regulatory organizations such as the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) are doing their job by protecting consumers.

Service Alberta is proposing to amend the Fair Trading Act (FTA) to give the Minister proper oversight abilities over regulatory organizations that have been delegated to regulate certain industries, including AMVIC.

“When Albertans make a major purchase, like a car, they deserve to be protected. That’s why we’re taking action to provide government with the appropriate tools to address public concerns with AMVIC and to increase trust and fairness for Albertans.”

Stephanie McLean, Minister, Service Alberta

Despite ongoing public concerns with AMVIC, the government’s authority to address issues on behalf of consumers has been limited due to the way it was designed by the previous government.

If approved, the proposed amendments will allow the Minister of Service Alberta to:

  • increase government oversight of delegated regulatory organizations created under the FTA by establishing the ability to review their conduct;
  • authorize the Minister to issue orders related to such a review;
  • dismiss board members or employees if an order is not complied with;
  • if necessary, appoint a representative of the Minister to oversee the management of the organization or the administration of its compensation fund; and
  • make one of the above orders without first conducting a review, if the Minister believes it is in the public interest.

“These amendments bring government’s oversight of AMVIC into line with other delegated government organizations. Appropriate oversight of consumer protection is essential for Albertans to have confidence in the auto industry, and I welcome these changes.”

Denis Ducharme, President of the Motor Dealers Association of Alberta, Former MLA

Currently, AMVIC is the only delegated regulatory organization under the Fair Trading Act. These proposed amendments will bring good governance and public accountability to AMVIC and any future delegated regulatory organizations under the Act, and will ensure those organizations are properly regulating their industries.