Government Extends Deadline for Cutting Hay Along Highways

Farmers have up to two additional months to cut and remove hay from provincial highway rights-of-way for personal use.

Previously, the deadline to cut and remove hay from those rights-of-way was July 15. The deadline has been extended to August 15 and September 15, depending on the region. The deadlines have been staggered to account for varied growing conditions across Alberta. Farmers and landowners are advised to check with their local Alberta Transportation office to determine which date applies.

Farmers and landowners are also advised that:

  • Haying permits are free and available at local Alberta Transportation offices.
  • During haying operations, all bales and equipment within the highway right-of-way must be stored as far from the highway as possible.
  • All bales and equipment must be removed from the highway right-of-way by the applicable deadline.
  • Due to the potential hazards of working within the highway right-of-way, insurance may also be required.

Alberta Transportation encourages landowners to use the hay in provincial highway rights-of-way for their personal use. Hay permits allow Alberta Transportation to monitor and coordinate haying with other activities that may occur within the highway right-of-way, including construction or operational activities performed by highway maintenance contractors.