Government Energized as Assembly Reconvenes

The legislative assembly will reconvene on Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019 in order to fulfil an ambitious legislative agenda.

Government House Leader Jason Nixon has laid out the government’s plans for a busy fall sitting.

“I think I speak for all government caucus members when I say that I am excited to get back to the business of honouring our promises to Albertans. From legislation that will protect victims of domestic violence to unprecedented investment in the success of our Indigenous communities, to bringing decorum back to the people’s House, Albertans can expect big things from this government.”Jason Nixon, Government House Leader

Government is expected to table 14 to 17 bills this session, subject to the approval of the legislature. The first bill would establish the eagerly anticipated Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation, giving Indigenous Albertans significant opportunities to partner in critical natural resource projects.

Government will also expedite the introduction of Clare’s Law, which would enable the disclosure of criminal records of potentially abusive partners to keep Albertans protected and safe.

The Technology, Innovation and Emissions Reduction program – which addresses the province’s large emitters – will also be introduced for consideration by the assembly. A host of other legislation aimed at getting Albertans back to work and the province’s fiscal house in order is also on the agenda this fall.

Government will table its first budget on Oct. 24 as part of the overall strategy to bring the province’s finances back to balance. Budget legislation will focus on taking thoughtful action to correct Alberta’s chronic overspending problem by living within our means while protecting front-line services.

With a steady progression of promises made and promises kept, government looks forward to continuing to honour the 375 commitments made to Albertans just six months ago.

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