Government Conducts Simulated Disaster Exercise

The Alberta government and emergency management experts will be holding a three-day emergency disaster exercise to help better prepare Alberta for future disasters.

“We’ve had our fair share of disasters in Alberta and it’s important that we continue to improve the way we prepare and respond. With the learnings from this exercise, we’ll ensure that we maintain a state of readiness as it relates to disasters and the tolls they can take on communities.”

~ Diana McQueen, Minister of Municipal Affairs

Representatives from all orders of government, First Nations, industry, and emergency management agencies will team up February 24 to 26 to review and test their emergency plans to ensure they are well-coordinated for disasters.

This annual exercise will test the government’s response to an extreme ice storm with emergency response scenarios set up across the province, including building collapses, highway closures with stranded motorists, power outages, and train derailments.

“Training exercises like this help us immensely when it comes time to responding to disasters, and also help us maintain Alberta’s emergency management readiness.”

~ Diana McQueen, Minister of Municipal Affairs

Not only will this exercise help current emergency responders improve their skills, it will also help train the emergency responders of tomorrow, as students enrolled in NAIT’s Emergency Management course will participate, getting valuable hands-on experience.

While it is vital for the government and emergency management professionals to test emergency plans, all Albertans have a role in emergency preparedness. People and communities should know the risks in their region and prepare emergency kits and plans accordingly.

Albertans are urged to follow Alberta Emergency Alert online or download the smartphone app to stay informed on emergencies in their area.