Government of Canada Launches New Website Addressing Climate Change

The Government of Canada has launched a new interactive website to gather input from the public on how to address climate change and promote clean growth.
This engagement tool allows Canadians, including Indigenous peoples, to be part of a national conversation on climate change. Minister McKenna recently hosted a town hall event in Ottawa, where close to 300 people deliberated on ideas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.
To gather as many ideas as possible from across the nation, we are contacting you today to encourage you to both participate in the conversation on climate change and ask if you could further distribute information on the interactive website through your own networks. The ideas captured can then be read by people from across Canada who will have the opportunity to provide comments and further add to this important dialogue.
Contributions received via the interactive website will be reviewed by members of the four working groups that have been created to provide recommendations to First Ministers on:
·        how and where to reduce emissions
·        clean technology, innovation and job creation
·        how to prepare for the impacts of a changing climate
·        putting a price on carbon
Participation is being encouraged between now and the fall to ensure as many views as possible are taken into account in the development of the pan-Canadian framework.
Have your say on climate change. Visit this new website today!