Government calls on Auditor General to look into school capital planning

The Government of Alberta has requested the Auditor General look into major delays in the construction of provincial education infrastructure and a substantial lag in funding related to the previous government’s announcements to build new schools and modernize existing schools.

“It has become painfully clear through the development of our school capital plan that the previous government was not being clear with Alberta families about the timelines and funding required for over 200 new school and school modernization projects. As the new minister responsible, and as a parent, I’m extremely disappointed to learn that many of the schools our province desperately needs will not open on time. Alberta families have been waiting for these schools for a long time and they deserve a reason for the delays and assurance that this won’t happen again.”

~ David Eggen, Minister of Education

The Auditor General has agreed to look into the delays and provide advice to the new government on how to do better in the future. He will report his findings before the end of the year.

The minister noted that it’s anticipated that approximately 100 new school and modernization projects due to be completed in the coming years, starting in September 2016, are now delayed.

A full list of delayed schools is available at: