Good Things Take Time and So Does Canadian Energy Strategy


OTTAWA, July 17, 2015 – Senator Black is encouraged by the release of a Canadian Energy Strategy by the Council of the Federation. The Senator was the founding President of the Energy Policy Institute of Canada (EPIC) that was formed in 2009 and its Canadian Energy Strategy Framework was published in August 2012.

“At the outset I believed the need to create a national energy strategy was essential for Canada’s future prosperity,” stated Senator Black.

The EPIC document is a cross-sectoral, full value chain perspective on positioning Canada as a global energy leader. At the heart of the document stand 39 recommendations addressing: regulatory reform, literacy and conservation, innovation, market diversification and carbon management.

“Now the Premiers have taken a similar balanced approach, one that I strongly believe will secure Canada’s energy future,” said the Senator. “Over the years many have been involved in working towards a Canadian Energy Strategy and now there is a guide for corporations and communities to understand how energy will be developed, transported across the country, and exported to the world.”

The Senator notes that the Premiers propose reducing red tape to create a better environment for investment in Canada’s energy resources. With this strategy the Premiers have created a framework that balances our future prosperity, which depends on a growing energy industry, with the need to protect our environment.