Giving into Mulcair Not in Alberta’s Best Interests: Wildrose


EDMONTON, AB: Premier Rachel Notley needs to clarify her sudden support for federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s national cap-and-trade scheme and emissions standards that will directly intervene in Alberta’s energy sector, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

“Albertans want leadership that protects jobs and the economy. They don’t want risky policies that will only pile on while we’re already suffering from the low price of oil, more regulations and higher taxes,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “We can make meaningful progress on the reduction of CO2 emissions without having to submit to the political will of Thomas Mulcair in Ottawa.”

To date, the NDP government has left the door open for a national cap-and-trade plan, an interprovincial cap-and-trade plan, and a carbon tax that will raise the price of everything.

Wildrose has advocated for meaningful and practical solutions to strengthen Alberta’s protection of the environment, and advanced policies such as a natural gas strategy that will lead to actual reductions in CO2 emissions.

Wildrose Shadow Energy Minister Leela Aheer said Alberta should not have its own economic policies dictated by federal leaders in Ottawa.

“Alberta has been a leader in responsible development of our natural resources, we don’t need an NDP leader in Ottawa dictating how we run our affairs,” Aheer said. “Let’s stop playing politics during the midst of a federal election and begin doing what’s in the best interest of Alberta, jobs and the economy.”