Ginni’s Kitchen is Opening a Cooking School in Black Diamond


Ginni is opening the first Cooking School in Black Diamond after successfully running cooking classes there since opening Ginni’s Kitchen in October 2014.

The Ginni’s Cooking School will be offering a wide variety of cooking classes for kids and adults, from ages 3 and up including fun Cooking Birthday parties, Corporate events and specialized cooking classes conducted by experienced Chefs.

Why is our Cooking School different?

* The first of its kind in Black Diamond

* Offering a wide variety of classes for kids and adults

* Retailing cookbooks by local Alberta authors and inviting authors to promote their books by conducting cooking demos and promotional events

* Weekly class, focused on cooking in under 45 minutes for a family – promoting once a week cooking concept to encourage less food wastage, economical costs and healthier food for the family.

* Subsidized classes for non-profit organizations including the Black Diamond Rockies, Minor Hockey Team to encourage athletes to eat healthy nutritious meals.

After managing the PC Cooking School in Deerfoot Meadows for a couple of years, and teaching cooking classes at various Cooking Schools across Calgary, Ginni had wanted to open her own Cooking School where there was a cooking class or activity for everyone.

The Cooking School will open April 13th on Government Road in Black Diamond. For more information visit the website.