Get Involved and Support Great Initiatives for Kids: Funding for School Breakfast Programs

In Canada, one of the world’s wealthiest nations, one out of every seven children lives in poverty and risks going to school hungry. Breakfast Club of Canada is working to change that.

The non-profit organization is dedicated to feeding children in low-income neighborhoods by funding and supporting school breakfast programs. By offering a balanced meal in a safe and stimulating environment, the charity helps children start their day with the energy they need to succeed in the classroom and throughout their lives. The breakfast programs have helped improve children’s behavior and concentration in the classroom, their social skills and confidence when interacting with other children and adults, and their understanding of healthy eating.

In Alberta, Breakfast Club of Canada operates in 76 schools and serves close to 6,000 children. Another 44 schools in Alberta are on the waiting list to start their own breakfast club, potentially serving an additional 5,000 vulnerable and disadvantaged children and youth.

The average cost to open a new breakfast club, including equipment, is $10,000. The average cost to sustain a program each year is $6,500. Partial donations are welcome. Investments can be targeted by region.