Game for Canada Day: Provincial Relay

Best for: Ages 3 to 5

This is a great way to learn Canadian geography and our provinces.

You’ll Need:

  • Small recipe cards
  • Items appropriate to the decided upon activities
  • String (or hula hoops) to differentiate different provincial areas

How to Play:

Canada-MapCreate a fun group activity for each province and territory using something appropriate to the culture. For example, in Ontario, the bird is the Common Loon, so the activity could be “Work as a group to create the most convincing loon sounds”—or the mineral of Manitoba is nickel, so put a bunch of nickels in the jar and have the group guess how many are inside. Look to this site for provincial inspiration.

Write instructions on each card for each activity, then on the back make sure to write the name of the province/territory.

Set up 13 areas in a larger outdoor (or indoor) space and put a card in each.

Divide your guests into teams—consider mixing adults with kids if the kids are on the younger end of the spectrum.

You can also do this as one large group activity

Designate one adult as the judge. This person has access to all the necessary answers to any trivia, and also gets to make decisions on whether or not the group has adequately performed the desired activity.

Once each team has gone through each provincial/territorial activity, ask a final Canadian trivia question to end the game. You can reward everyone with one of these delicious desserts [link to one of Jann’s desserts]!