Funding Confirmed for Flood-resilience Projects

Provincial funding for high-priority flood-resilience projects in Calgary and other communities will help keep families, property and infrastructure safe.

Budget 2019 includes more than $43 million for 15 projects as the province continues to invest in community-level flood-resilience projects in municipalities and Indigenous communities, provincewide.

Funding from the province means municipalities and First Nations can move forward with flood-resilience projects to reduce the impact of future floods and will be well-positioned to secure federal funding for these projects.

“Albertans have seen first-hand the devastating impacts flooding can have on families, communities and our economy. That’s why improving flood resilience in communities across Alberta is so important. Confirming provincial funding ensures these important projects remain on schedule and that our municipal and First Nations partners have an opportunity to apply for federal funding, which could further leverage the province’s investment.”Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks

Municipalities will receive previously committed funding, although the disbursement schedule for the two Calgary grants has been modified to provide the province additional budget flexibility. Now, $10 million of Calgary’s $15 million in approved grants will be disbursed in fiscal 2020-21. The revised disbursement schedule will not affect project timelines or the city’s ability to apply for federal funding.

The approved grants include more than $6.5 million for a flood-protection berm to protect the lower townsite in Fort McMurray, $1.1 million towards the construction of berms, creek capacity upgrades and improved drainage to prevent flooding in Sexsmith and over $1 million towards the construction of a new stormwater facility in Westlock.

“The ACRP project funding is critical to seeing our flood-mitigation plan come to successful completion in a reasonable timeframe. We are so pleased to see this announcement and credit Minister Nixon and his staff for this great decision. As a small, northern community, we often feel the focus of government decisions rests with larger municipalities or those closer to the central region but this renews our hope for ongoing strong partnership and support.”Kate Potter, mayor, Town of Sexsmith

“The Town of Westlock is extemely pleased that this project will proceed. I have personally spent significant time with our MLA, Glenn van Dijken, as well as the ministers of Environment and Parks and Municipal Affairs on this matter. We’ve worked hard to complete our stormwater and sanitary master plans and always have had confidence that the province would recognize the importance of this project to our community.”Ralph Leriger, mayor, Town of Westlock

Since the inception of the Alberta Community Resilience Program, the province has provided more than $230 million to municipalities and First Nations for flood-resilience projects that will help ensure public safety, protect critical municipal infrastructure and better manage stormwater. Overall, 49 municipalities and four First Nations have received funding through the program.

Funding Confirmed for Flood-resilience Projects

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