FSD: Why French Immersion?

FSD: Why French Immersion?

By Sarah Clark, Principal of Divisional Programming

Hello and Bonjour!

Sarah Clark FSDIt is the time of year when parents are registering their children for Kindergarten.  In Foothills School Division, all parents have the option of choosing to send their child to English Programming or French Immersion programming.  All students have the option of attending French Immersion and can enter in Kindergarten or Grade 1.

Foothills School Division is proud of the French Immersion program and the dedicated teachers that make this program a success!

This choice can be a difficult one as the following questions are typically asked by parents:

  • I can’t speak French. Can I still register my child for French Immersion?
  • How can I help my child with their homework?
  • Will my child not be able to read in English if they take French Immersion?
  • Will I be able to volunteer in the classroom if I do not speak French?

All of these questions are valid concerns for parents entertaining the choice of French Immersion.  Parents do NOT need to speak French to choose French Immersion for their child.  In fact, the majority of parents of French Immersion students, do not speak French.

FI-kids_teacherThe organization, Canadian Parents for French, offers support to parents of students in French Immersion and French as a Second Language classrooms across Canada.  Their website offers many resources for parents.  It is highly encouraged that any parent of a student in French Immersion take advantage of this website as it highlights the cognitive benefits of learning a second language, local support groups, parent’s resources sheets and CPF events being offered for families.

FSD’s French Immersion brochure also offers more information on the benefits of choosing French Immersion and which schools in Foothills School Division offer this type of programming. It is important to note that all of our schools that offer French Immersion programming also offer English programming — which is why they have both “École” and “School” in their name.  Please contact your local French Immersion School if you are interested in knowing more about the French Immersion program for your child.