FSD Students’ Matters Comittee

Grade 8-12 student representatives gathered on May 8th to explore system-level data, identifying trends, issues and solutions. They also discussed what the “ideal school” looks like for learners, staff and parents/community members. Board Chair Christine Pretty was impressed by how engaged the students were in these exercises.

In FSD, we believe it is vital to consult with our stakeholders as part of our educational planning processes and student voice is a key part of this. The division first convened a group of student representatives in 2011-2012 to provide feedback on what they liked about teaching and learning in their classes, and what we can do to help them learn better. The process was so enlightening that FSD committed to establish the Students’ Matters Committee, which now meets regularly throughout the year to provide FSD’s Learning Services team with input on a variety of topics related to teaching and learning.