FSD: Sheldon Kennedy School Champion Committee

Trustee Michael Pollard and Pam Rannelli, Director of Inclusive Learning, joined representatives from 12 participating schools – including FCHS/AHSFA students Bailey Lang and Lauren Oldham, and teacher Andrea Laubman – at a recent information and planning session through the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre.

As part of a three-year program to increase awareness of abuse and the effects on behavior, resiliency and brain development, each participating school champion committee is asked to plan a campaign, event or initiative. The FCHS/AHSFA team, which also includes student Scott Chizen, is creating a teacher professional development lesson this year to educate staff on the effects of abuse and how to recognize and help students who have suffered abuse. Going forward, they would also like to create a leadership lesson to roll out in classes, and facilitate the creation of school champion committees in FSD’s other two high schools.