FSD School Field Trips: Health and Safety is a Priority

Superintendent John Bailey provided Trustees with information regarding upcoming field trips including international trips planned by École Secondaire Highwood High School and École Secondaire Foothills Composite High/Alberta High School of Fine Arts to France, and École Okotoks Junior High School to Ecuador.

John explained that when planning field trips, the health and safety of students is the division’s top priority – whether the field trip is local, national or international. FSD has a detailed administrative procedure concerning field trips (AP 260), and when we receive international field trip requests one the first things we do is check the Government of Canada website regarding travel advice and advisories for the country in question. We also consult with our insurers for their input and, in the case of approved international trips, continue to monitor the situation up to and throughout the duration of the trip.

Field trip approvals include a clause stipulating that approval may be withdrawn and trips cancelled at any time prior to departure or during the trip if there is a change in world events that pose a risk to student safety. Every international field trip includes a tour director, who iis with the group for the duration of their stay in the country being visited.