FSD News: Waste in Our World Project and Citizenship in Action

Heritage Heights School has received approval for a Grade 4 “Waste in Our World” project, led by teachers Karen Demaere and Jill MacKenzie. Students will visit Ralph Klein Park in Calgary for a week-long experience observing the delicate balance between humans and the environment, with a focus on becoming more environmentally aware and sharing their learning with their school and surrounding communities.

The Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation (CEPF)’s “Citizenship in Action – Empowering Youth Leaders” program is designed to support educational initiatives that encourage youth in Grades 4 – 12 to move beyond simply having an awareness of what citizenship is, to taking ownership for planning and implementing school or community initiatives as responsible and contributing citizens.

Congratulations to Heritage Heights and thank you to Bobbi Hunter, FSD’s Curriculum & Instruction Facilitator, for her work on CEPF’s “Citizenship in Action” committee.

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