FSD News: Dual Credits Through HUB

Scott Carey, Principal of Oilfields School, presented on FSD’s partnership with Bow Valley College to offer a dual credit program through FSD’s high school HUBs. Scott, who also serves as HUB Administrator, explained that “dual credit” means that students have the opportunity to simultaneously earn post-secondary credit while they earn high school credits. Together with Bow Valley College, FSD will begin by offering Business Law (MGMT 1601), a college course that is part of Bow Valley’s Diploma in Business Administration program. It is also the first of four courses that our high school students will eventually be able to take. Students completing all four courses will essentially finish the first semester of their diploma in Business Administration upon graduating from high school. These courses also have good transferability to other post-secondary institutions in Alberta. FSD will piggy-back on a pilot that is already underway between Bow Valley and Canadian Rockies Public Schools. FSD students will take the course online in their home school through the HUB. Courseware, instruction and assessment/grading will be provided by Bow Valley, while HUB teachers will monitor students’ progress and assist with any technology issues that may arise. The partnership is part of FSD’s ongoing commitment to provide our high school students with in-creased programming options.