FSD: Longview School Education Plans


Principal Chet Musgrove reviewed the school’s three key goals:

  1. Literacy and Numeracy: Both skills are essential for a student’s long term academic success. Utilizing a variety of strategies, tools and data sources, there has been tremendous improvement and growth among students in the first four months of the school year. Chet commended his staff for their focused work in this area and recognized the support of Instructional Coach Shelley Zorn and Loriann Salmon, Director of Inclusive Learning.
  2. Understanding by Design: The new “ Tell Them From Me” data indicates that Longview students are highly engaged in their learning, a great sign that teachers are meeting individual learning needs. The school uses many data sources and student voice to inform planning, while IC Shelley Zorn is working with staff on designing learning with an emphasis on strong assessment and intentional instructional strategies. Longview is also building a bank of design plans for teachers to draw on in the future.
  3. Belonging: A priority area at Longview (as it is in schools throughout FSD), all students and staff are involved in activities to foster a sense of camaraderie and belonging. There are numerous opportunities for students to participate – from sports and clubs to leadership opportunities and whole school events such as the Christmas and spring theatre productions. Longview builds these activities around the “Circle of Courage” framework, a model of positive youth development focusing on four pillars: 1) Belonging; 2) Mastery; 3) Competence; and 4) Generosity.