FSD: Hub Blended Learning Program


Doug Stevens, Director of Distributed Learning (who was joined by his son Liam for “Take Your Kids to Work Day”) updated Trustees on the Hub blended learning program running in all three of FSD’s high schools.

All kinds of students access FSD’s Hub programming: student athletes and others who require learning flexibility; students who can’t physically be on campus for reasons such as extended travel; students requiring additional learning supports; students involved in FSD’s 180 program; FSD Summer School students; and even some junior high students in need of an accelerated program to keep them engaged. A growing trend is seeing teachers using Hub instructional materials to provide additional support to students in their classrooms.

Here are some additional highlights from an infographic (see below) that Doug shared:

  • As of November 2, 2015, there were 677 course registrations through our Hubs: Science (24%), Social Studies (22%), CALM/Psych/Phys-Ed (21%), Math (18%) and English (15%).
  • While Hub students benefit from a variety of instructional platforms, in a recent survey, 105 respondents rated one-on-one, in person support as the most helpful type of instruction, followed by instructional videos by outside trainers and Hub instructors, and one-on-one online instruction. Telephone support is their least favoured instructional method.
  • Hub students enjoy the flexibility and ability to work at their own pace. They identified less direct instruction and deadlines as the top challenges.

Moving forward, key focus areas include:

  • Leveraging student data sources to guide staff learning and future Hub directions.
  • Continuing to develop classroom structures to optimize student support and instruction.
  • Expanding the use of Hub materials in classrooms to support student learning.