Front of Pack Labelling Not in the Best Interests of Canadians

John Barlow, MP Foothills

My colleague MP Luc Berthold and I prepared a video outlining the Liberals’ new Front of Package warning label scheme. The current proposal by the Liberal government will have products labelled according to the amount of sugar, sodium and saturated fat.

Any product that contains more than 15% of the daily recommended intake of any of the three nutrients per serving will require a warning label.

In our video we outline just some of the healthy products to be hit by these new warning labels, such as yogurt, 100% fruit juice, chocolate milk, and packaged meats, and those which will not, such as potato chips, red bull, diet soft drinks and alcohol.

These proposed labels do not allow Canadians to make informed decisions based on scientifically accurate nutritional information, but are instead quite misleading. As well, hundreds of doctors and health professionals have come forward to express their concerns with the inaccuracies of this proposed labeling guideline. Canadians will be driven to make unhealthy food choices as a result of these added warning labels. In addition, the United States as warned Canada these labels will be a trade irritant and could impact NAFTA negotiations.

John Barlow enjoys Alberta beer and beef at Elite Brewing & Cidery in Calgary