From My Bookshelf: Uncommon Type

By Lynn Willoughby

Uncommon Type ~ Tom Hanks

This is a collection of seemingly unrelated short stories.  But they do have a common thread – typewriters.  At the start of each story there is a photo of an antique, or just old, typewriter.  Unbeknownst to me, Hanks is an avid collector and restorer of typewriters and owns about 250 of them.

In these short stories we have a mix of mystery, romance, finance and business, sci-fi – the complete gamut.  Some I really enjoyed, the graphic sci-fi I skipped through.  They are well written, entertaining, intelligent, heartwarming and quirky. 

This is an interesting and light summer read.

Who Knew?

The first typewriter to be commercially successful was invented in 1878.