From My Bookshelf: Trains and Lovers

By Lynn Willoughby

Trains and Lovers ~ Alexander McCall Smith

This very prolific writer has successfully published another great little book.  At under 250 pages I was totally engaged in the lives of the four people sitting together on a train travelling from Edinburgh to London, and how love touched their lives in very different ways.
This little book is an easy read, but so well written and with characters I felt I knew.  If they chose to talk about themselves or their private selves, I was caught up in each and every story.  And how those love stories varied!  There was romance and there was a darker side, there was introspection, there was philosophy and celebration and sadness.  There was a lot to think about and I carried the thoughts long beyond the conclusion.
“…those he considered beneath him, arrogant to the core of his being…and so I did not understand that such attitudes speak to weakness far more frequently than they speak to strength”.  This is the sort of introspection you can expect.  This is a great little read, and if you are a traveler who tends to have random conversations with fellow passengers – you will enjoy it.
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