From My Bookshelf: The Lying Game

From My Bookshelf: The Lying Game

By Lynn Willoughby

The Lying Game ~ Ruth Ware

This summer read is the story of four girls who were at boarding school together when they were fifteen.  They are from diverse backgrounds but bond immediately.  There were the usual school girl pranks, cliques, crankiness about the teachers, stories from home.  Then something terrible happens.

It is now twenty years later when Isa gets a text from Kate that says “I need you.’  Isa knows Fatima and Thea will also get the text. Her reply is “I’m coming”.

While Isa’s partner is surprised and overwhelmed at the vehemence Isa expressed when he questions her about packing up their six month old daughter, Isa is not forthcoming.  In fact, she is out the door.

What follows are the old stories of four good friends.  There is lots of laughter, lots of wine and frequent references to what happened all those years ago – just enough to keep me reading.

While together they attend the allumnae dinner at Salten House – but are no friendlier with school mates than when they were young.  Most of their teachers are gone, but the few who are still teaching are VERY surprised at the attendance of these four.  What happened all those years ago?

Isa returns home to London and Owen, but he knows she is lying to him about something.  When a bouquet of roses arrives at their home, he acuses her of having an affair.  Hurt, angry, worried – Isa flees back to Kate.  Things are unraveling quickly and I could not stop thinking about what might have happened.  While running errands, or doing yard work I kept trying to write the ending to this story.  

This is an easy read – great for summer or a snowy weekend.

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Who Knew?

Some English boarding schools were for an elite education, others were places to segregate children deemed a problem to their parents, or wider society.