From My Bookshelf: Kingdom of the Blind


By Lynn Willoughby

Kingdom of the Blind ~ Louise Penny

The Inspector Gamache series by this author has been hugely popular.  In fact, this is the fourteenth in the series.  Although they are mystery novels set in the seemingly tranquil village of Three Pines,  there are dark and disturbing crimes, with despicable characters.  And although I have not read all of the novels, I will hate to see the series end.

Many of the characters who live in Three Pines in Quebec, have been with us throughout all the books.  I feel like I know them and they certainly know each other. 

Gamache, Myrna and Benedict have been named as executors to a will in this installment.  The hitch is, not one of them knew the elderly woman called the Baroness who has recently died.  This is odd, but even more odd are the bequests she leaves for her three adult children.  This from a woman who lived in a farm house that was falling down, from the woman who made her living as a cleaning lady.  

But Gamache is facing personal problems as well as dealing with the will.  Plus there is the ever present worry of the menace to the public.  Carfentanyl, which is one hundred times stronger than fentanyl, is ready to hit the streets of Montreal.  There is enough of the opioid to kill thousands on the streets.

These are great reads with a very Canadian flavour.  Those that I have read I have enjoyed a lot.  

  • A Better Man
  • Still Life

…………………..and many others

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