From My Bookshelf: Down River

By Lynn Willoughby

Down River ~ John Hart

This is my first novel by this author but I will be reading more.  He says of the book, “We all have families.  Good ones, bad ones, absent ones, indifferent ones.”  That’s what this novel is about – one family.

Five years ago Adam Chase was tried for the murder of Gray Wilson, a teen who was murdered at the Chase family farm.  Adam was acquitted and moved to New York.  Then he gets a  phone call from his childhood friend Danny Faith, to come home.  After wrestling with the pros and cons of returning to North Carolina, Adam hits the road south three weeks later.  

A lot of things change in five years, as Adam is constantly reminded – by his former girlfriend, his step-brother, his father and his father’s friend Dolf.  A lot of things don’t change, Adam decides for himself.

Hart asks a lot of his readers in this compelling story, ” …he drives his characters to the edge, explores the dark side of human nature, and questions the fundamental power of forgiveness.” – Goodreads

I could not leave this book alone.  In these times when people are reading more, it is great to read a book that haunts you and makes you read long into the night.  This book is very well written with larger than life characters.  The author has won numerous literary awards and I now know why.  This is a great read.  I wonder why I haven’t heard of John Hart before?

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