From My Bookshelf: Cyclops Road


By Lynn Willoughby

Cyclops Road  ~ Jeff Strean

If you are looking for a fun, satirical, offbeat novel -this is the book for you.  While this is my introduction to this author, his style of writing reminds me of Robert McCammon, whose every character is memorable and quirky.

Harriet is on a quest.  She has been trained her entire life to kill the cyclops and now she is leaving Florida to walk to Arizona to fulfill her destiny.  Evan’s wife has just died after a prolonged fight with cancer.  In a fit of anger and frustration he quits his job as an accountant.  As he is slowly driving in the rain, back to his his lonely apartment, he sees a woman walking down the highway.  He stops and offers her a ride.  It takes some convincing to get her into the car as she has never ridden in one.  She doesn’t know how to fasten the seat belt.  Her language is very formal, she has no social skills, does not understand humour and knows nothing of the world and it’s affairs.  She is, however, carrying a wad of money – several thousand dollars, in fact.  And she realizes that riding in Evan’s car will get her to Arizona much more quickly than walking – although she is not sure how far away it is, or exactly in which direction to travel.  She offers to pay for gas if Evan will drive her there.  And that’s how a quest begins.

Along the way to Arizona, Graspin the Colossus, Jeannie the elderly souvenir shop owner, and Maraud the Berserker, an MMA cage fighter join their little band.  You can see why this is a weird and wacky read!

A road trip – with a cyclops at the end?  Why wouldn’t sad and depressed Evan be in?

  • Everything Has Teeth
  • Blister

…………………..and several others

Who Knew?

MMA is a full contact sport that allows striking and grappling your opponent.  Until recently, there were few, if any, rules.