Frogs, Toads and Tiger Salamanders Oh My!

unnamedOK, well we don’t actually have toads on the park… but we do have two different types of frogs and tiger salamanders! 
These cute little salamanders are voracious predators, feeding on insects, frogs and other smaller salamanders by moonlight. They live in two-foot deep burrows near ponds and are very common all across North America. Their habitat is getting increasingly fragmented, however, due to human development and urban sprawl. This has been causing a decline in numbers and genetic diversity within populations. This can make them susceptible to disease wipe-outs. However under ideal conditions, these amphibians can live to be 16 years old!

The next time you take a walk down down Tiger Lily Loop and stop to enjoy the pond, keep an eye out for these inconspicuous amphibians hunting in the pond weed.

(Information and photo from National Geographic)

To learn more about the animals we have at Glenbow Ranch, come on down for a variety of park programs throughout the summer, such as Paws and Claws.