Fourth Round of High River Disaster Relief Grants Awarded

Fourth Round of High River Disaster Relief Grants Awarded


HIGH RIVER, AB: The fourth round of High River Disaster Relief Fund grants were awarded to a variety of community groups, organizations and council committees at the Monday, Jan. 25 meeting of council.

After three previous rounds of grant funding, a total of $334,573 was remaining in the High River Disaster Relief Fund. The fourth round of grants was made available to active council-appointed boards and committees that met the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate significant community impact.
  • Demonstrate a community and funding need.
  • Focus on community improvements and enhancements.
  • Demonstrate a strong focus on civic engagement and on building: community, resilience, and pride.
  • Where possible, optimize matching grants, corporate sponsorship, and/or community partnerships.
  • Be sustainable, in that ongoing operational dollars are either not required or are otherwise covered.

Grant applications were accepted between September 14 and December 31, 2015. The council appointed Community Donations Advisory Committee then reviewed the applications based on how they met the application criteria and presented their final recommendations to council at the Monday, Jan. 25 meeting for final approval.

A total of 17 grants were awarded to projects that met the above criteria:

  • $12,000 Neighbourhood Matching Fund – A fund available to citizens to participate in community improvement and/or connection projects.
  • $7,750 McCoy Garden Reconstruction Project – Restore the garden at the McCoy cabin after conservation and preservation work.
  • $25,000 Heritage Signage – Signs to commemorate historic locations in Town.
  • $12,432 Hamptons Playground – Completion of the playground.
  • $5,000 Peewee A Provincial Championships – To help with expenses to showcase and reinvent High River’s image. Foster community spirit, pride and resiliency.
  • $3,000 Southern Alberta Pickle Ball Open – To help with expenses to showcase and reinvent High River’s image. Foster community spirit, pride and resiliency.
  • $8,375 Holy Spirit Playground – Purchase two accessible picnic tables.
  • $28,600 George Lane Park Concession – A rebuild of the concession.
  • $7,700 Local Art Banners “Let our Creativity Shine”- Purchase and showcase local artists work on new banners to hang from the light standards.
  • $3,600 Drum Circle – To continue community healing.
  • $8,000 Household Emergency Guide – Produce an updated inclusive guide for citizens.
  • $30,000 Regional Emergency Training Toolkit – Create a toolkit to facilitate training in emergency social services programs applicable to all municipalities.
  • $16,000 Outside Library Community Space – Create a gathering space and educational tool for residents and families.
  • $43,262 Community Gardens – Further develop our landscape and growing need for community gardens.
  • $9,250 Mural Celebration and Plaques – Celebrate and unveil the two new murals on the third anniversary of the flood and purchase informational plaques.
  • $14,604 High River Scouts – New Scout/Guide Hall.
  • $100,000 High River Library Renovations ($200,000 total funding)

Grand Total $ 334,573

Council also thanked the following Community Donations Advisory Committee members for their hard work and commitment to the community:

  • Bev Warner (Chair)
  • Celia Penman
  • Penny Leckie
  • Rob Whitfield
  • Laura Brankovich
  • Dave Meszaros (Term Ended Oct 2015)
  • Joanne Austen (Term Ended Aug 2015)
  • Council Members: Bruce Masterman and Cathy Couey

To date over $800,000 has been distributed back into the community through grants focused on flood renewal and recovery projects.