Forsyth Statement on Prentice Blaming Albertans for PC Fiscal Woes


CALGARY, AB (March 5, 2015): Today, Wildrose Leader Heather Forsyth released the following statement on Premier Jim Prentice telling Albertans to “look in the mirror” in order to address the PC government’s fiscal woes:

“For months, Mr. Prentice has been talking down to Albertans, acting like chicken-little, raising trial-balloons and shaking consumer and investor confidence by talking about raising the largest tax increase in Alberta history.

“At a time many Albertans are worried about the value of their home plummeting, keeping their job or being able to make ends meet, Mr. Prentice’s comments blaming Albertans for being directly at fault for the PC government’s gross fiscal mismanagement shows how deeply out-of-touch this 44-year-old government has become.

“Mr. Prentice, who has long supported the PC establishment, knows it is those who are sitting around his cabinet table who are directly responsible for the current financial mess the province is in.  It is his government who overspent by over $40 billion for the past decade, it is his government that has failed to ensure we could withstand $50 oil, it is his government that has made Alberta’s politicians and government the most expensive in Canada, and it is his PC government that is now putting our prosperity and economy at risk.

“Today, the Wildrose is demanding an apology from Mr. Prentice for his condescending comments to all Albertans worried about the state of our province and who are looking for a better way forward.”