Forsyth Statement on Increasing ER Wait Times


CALGARY, AB – (Wednesday), Wildrose Leader Heather Forsyth released the following statement on reports of dangerous conditions facing patients staring at increasing wait times.

“This PC government continues to fail to take the pressure off our emergency system, and this neglect is taking a serious toll on patient care with new information showing patients are suffering as they wait up to eight hours for treatment.

“The lives and wellbeing of Albertans are at stake here as emergency rooms across the province burst at the seams, and this government has made little effort to find a timely solution to the problem.

“Alberta spends more than any other province per capita on our health care system, but sees some of the worst results. Clearly, throwing more money at this issue is not a solution.

“We know that one way the government could begin to address this problem is by redirecting a larger portion of health care spending to community and long-term care.

“The sheer will and determination of front line workers are all that’s currently holding the health care system together, and they deserve our deepest thanks.

“Wildrose has consistently exposed waste and mismanagement throughout AHS, while revealing poor wait-time care standards across the province. Premier Prentice needs to ditch talk of a new health tax and start looking at real health care reforms.

“We will continue to keep a close eye on wait times, and present bold, new ideas to fix this crisis.”