Foothills School Division Students Engaged in Learning


FSD Students’ Matter Committee

Junior and senior high school student representatives serving on this year’s committee participated in their first session of the school year on November 13th. Their discussion and feedback focused on:

How to improve school Education Plans: Prior to the session, student reps met with their school administrators regarding school goals for this year. The students then provided suggestions for how their school’s plan could be improved; for example:

  • Hold meetings similar to the Students’ Matters Committee at the school council level.
  • Increase supports in the area of mental health and bullying.
  • Engage more guest speakers.
  • Continue to increase opportunities for students to work collaboratively.

Potential Student Ed Camp: Following a presentation on the idea of developing an FSD Ed Camp for junior and senior high students, committee reps discussed three aspects:

  • Identify possible topics and issues; it’s crucial for students to help design the program so that an Ed Camp meets their needs.
  • How to motivate students to participate since Ed Camps are usually held over a two-day period with one of the days falling on a weekend.
  • Brainstorm engaging titles and slogans

Student voice is a key part of FSD’s educational planning processes. The division first convened a group of student representatives in 2011-2012 to provide feedback on what they liked about teaching and learning in their classes, and what FSD could do to help them learn better. The process was so enlightening that FSD established the Students’ Matters Committee to provide our Learning Services team with input on a variety of topics related teaching and learning.