Foothills School Division: Ongoing Projects in New Year


Current projects:

1. New K-9 school at west 32nd Street north of Okotoks: Aiming to start construction in September 2016. The project will receive project management support from Alberta Infrastructure. With all of the other projects FSD currently has ongoing, Alberta Infrastructure’s involvement will be very helpful to the division.

2. Modernization of École Secondaire Foothills Composite High School/Alberta High School of Fine Arts (ÉSFCHS/AHSFA): FSD has received a costing report on the project, permitting is being prepared and planning is underway for the community engagement process, so that the division will be able to “hit the ground running” upon receiving final approval from the Education Minister for the modernization as well as the new K-9 school.

3. High River boundary review: Spitzee Elementary School is at 91.5% utilization while École Joe Clark School has room at 67.4% utilization. More community information on the review process will be forthcoming.

4. Modular classroom update: Students are now in the new modular at C. Ian McLaren School. Anticipated occupancy of the Spitzee modular is the week of December 14, and the week of January 11 for Heritage Heights. The contract for installation of the two modulars for École Percy Pegler School is out to tender and closes December 17, 2015.

5. Flood mitigation at High River schools: Work is underway at École Senator Riley Middle School, with projects also planned for Joe Clark and Spitzee through the $3 million in provincial funding received following the June 2013 flood.