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Foothills School Division: BYOD Feedback

The Board was treated to an engaging presentation on FSD’s “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) pilot, by outgoing Director of Learning Technologies, James Aitchison – who retires at the end of this month following a 34 year career in Education – along with Kristie Tjader, who teaches grade 6 French Immersion at École Percy Pegler School, and students Rhea Jones and Hannah Marr.

James explained that the BYOD pilots started a year ago in several schools. Kristie played a video on her students’ experience with Chromebooks in which several students shared their perspective on the pros and cons of technology in the classroom.

Overall, students had a positive experience and felt that the technology and its applications have their place within the classroom. Hannah and Rhea provided a very poised and informative presentation on Googledocs and how they use the application to work on projects, collaborate with other students, and submit their work to their teachers.

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