Foothills School Division By-Election Disclaimer

Foothills School Division has received notice from Ms. Jeannine Tucker on October 17, 2018 that she has disclaimed all right to the office of School Board Trustee.

This disclaimer, under the Local Authorities Elections Act, operates as a resignation.

Form 14 is used when a person who has submitted his/her name as a candidate gives notice that they are relinquishing their candidacy.  In effect this means that Ms. Tucker will not sit as a School Board Trustee regardless of the by-election outcome.

Due to the requirements of the Local Authorities Elections Act, Foothills School Division will still be undertaking a by-election on October 22, 2018.  Residents of Ward 1 are encouraged to visit one of our three polling stations between the hours of 10am – 8pm to vote.

Visit our by-election webpage for more information on polling station locations and voting requirements.


Drew Chipman
Returning Officer for Foothills School Division 38