Foothills School Division: 2020-21 School Relaunch Committee Update

FSD 2020-21 School Relaunch Committee Update

June 10, 2020

The Minister of Education and Chief Medical Officer of Health released information today regarding the 2020-21 School Re-Entry Plan.  Foothills School Division staff and the FSD School Relaunch Committee will be reviewing these requirements and recommendations relating to the three possible provincial scenarios.

After a preliminary review of these measures, we are happy to see that a great majority align with our existing planning.  Following minor modifications, we will be sharing a FSD 2020-21 School Relaunch Handbook the week of June 15, 2020.  This handbook will help facilitate staff and family planning for the 2020-21 school year.  

We appreciate the feedback we have received to ensure that our decisions reflect and address community voice.  We are reassured that the province is confident in targeting scenario 1 (near normal operations with some health measures in place) which has been shared as a priority by many within our current engagement.

We are thankful to have received this information in advance, allowing time to ensure that our schools reopen as safe, caring, and welcoming learning environments.

Please note that as shared during the provincial announcement, a mandated re-entry scenario will be determined by August 1, 2020.  We will provide this information to staff and families as soon as possible.  We thank you for your continued flexibility and adaptability.

Visit our 2020-21 School Relaunch page for more information.