Foothills Lions to Heat Up Events with New BBQ


In the aftermath of the 2013 floods in Southern Alberta, the Lions of Alberta Foundation (LOAF) directed money to needy areas, as did the Red Cross. The majority of the funds received went to High River because of the total devastation suffered in that town.

However there were some funds left over and LOAF put out a call to Lions Clubs for them to apply for replacement of things that were lost to the service clubs.

Tyler Bray, of the Foothills Lions Club, submitted a proposal to have their lost BBQs and stoves replaced. These items were not covered by any insurance or Government grants.

Tyler’s proposal was for a dual-axle BBQ trailer built with an attached sink and water system and a separate cooler compartment for ice and drinks. The unit has a 100lb propane tank and each of the four burners work independently from each other. The total cost was $34,000.

The proposal was successful and earlier in the year the BBQ trailer was manufactured in Calgary by Nortruck Manufacturing and delivered to the Foothills Lions Club on July 31st, 2015. It is painted the ‘Lions’ blue and will eventually have the Foothills Lions Club logo and website added to it.

The BBQ can be borrowed by other Lions Clubs and will also be available to other deserving community groups within the Foothills Lions Club service area. A deposit is all that will be required to ensure the unit is returned in a clean and usable shape with the propane topped off.

This unit will also assist with larger functions, like the Diamond Valley Parade, because it will cut down on the number of vehicles and manpower required for set-up and take down.