Foothills County: Trailer Billboards

Suzanne Oel, Councillor, Foothills County

Residents have made it clear to us that they do not want our scenic vistas to become a series of trailer advertisements. Since most residents who have signage for their businesses have gone through the proper processes to obtain permissions and have paid their share to do so, they also feel it is unfair for this type of un-permitted and unsightly signage to not be addressed. While some strategy for signage near towns may be in future discussions, most municipalities do not want this type of image. So, in February 2019, our council accepted a recommended action plan on removing the signs. The landowner (where the trailer is parked) will be notified, advised of next steps and there will be a follow through with enforcement of increased fines. Additionally, Alberta Transportation requires a roadside development permit for signs and trailers within proximity of a highway. They do not issue permits for these trailer signs due to safety concerns and therefore the trailer billboards are not in compliance with either Alberta Transportation or the municipal land-use bylaw.