Foothills County Appoints New Chief Administrative Officer

Foothills County Appoints New Chief Administrative Officer

Foothills County is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Ryan Payne to the position of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) effective July 1, 2020.  Mr. Payne will share responsibility with Foothills County’s Municipal Manager, Harry Riva Cambrin.

Mr. Payne has served the County as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer since July 1, 2017. Having worked with Foothills County for 14 years, he began employment with the County in 2006 as a Planner for three years.   Mr. Payne left Foothills County briefly, returning in 2011 in the position of Community Services Assistant.  In 2013 Mr. Payne was promoted to the position of Director of Community Services where he was responsible for the overall leadership, management and direction of several departments such as Parks and Recreation, Agricultural Services, Fire & Protective Services, Emergency Management, Family and Community Support Services, Cemeteries and the High River Airport.

“Along with Council, I congratulate Mr. Payne on his new position as CAO and confirm our confidence in his leadership and managerial skills,” Said Reeve Suzanne Oel .   “He brings both experience and aptitude to the benefit of our administrative team.  We look forward to working with him in his new role!”

“I am honored to have been appointed to this role by County Council,” said Mr. Payne.  “It has been a pleasure working as a team with a dedicated workforce at the County for the past 14 years, and I am grateful for the relationships, mentorship, leadership and support provided by our community leaders, Council, senior administrative team, and current Municipal Manager, Harry Riva Cambrin.   I continue to look forward to serving Foothills County’s residents, business community, and municipal Council, and to working with our incredible staff and regional partners to build on the foundation already developed to enhance municipal services and promote the public good through strong leadership and municipal best practices”.

Foothills County has a history of utilizing shared or co-title positions as a method of succession planning within the organization. As the Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Payne will be responsible for the Community Services and Corporate Services business units. Municipal Manager Harry Riva Cambrin will continue to manage Public Works and Planning.