Foothills Business Recovery Taskforce

Foothills Business Recovery Taskforce

The Foothills Business Recovery Taskforce was formed to support the business community throughout the journey of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Within each municipality are a number of economic stakeholders, including businesses, formal business organizations (for example, the local Chamber of Commerce), informal organizations (including networking groups or community organizations), and economic development. The Foothills Business Recovery Taskforce is bringing these stakeholders together to form economic ecosystems. Each of these ecosystems will speak with a unified voice, coordinating with the other ecosystems in the region through the FBRT to:

  • Ensure the needs of businesses across the entire region are met
  • Create an efficient and effective flow of communication between municipalities, across the region, and to government
  • Work collaboratively to close gaps in the supply chain

If you run a business anywhere in the federal riding of Foothills, please take time to fill out this survey.

(Tracey Walshaw)