Flying Colours: Travelling Art Exhibit Coming to Turner Valley School


Flying ColoursDisplay Dates: October 7 – November 4, 2015

Venue: Turner Valley School

Contact: Carol Webb

Flying Colours features macrophotography by artist Robert Chelmick. The subject of the photographs is butterflies, in extreme close-up detail. The resulting images are colourful, textured, and dynamic. At this level of detail, the insects look like feathers, eyes, plants, landscapes or maps. The viewer can explore the abstracted lines, shapes and colours present in the wing and marvel at their complexity.

The photographs are also connected to ecology, or the study of the interconnectedness of organisms and the environment. Chelmick hopes that by viewing these images and recognizing recurring and familiar forms, the viewer will feel connected to all of nature and will feel a oneness with that nature. This exhibition features 12 photographs from Chelmick’s series Flying Colours: Design on the Wing. A book illustrating the remaining images is included for each venue to keep.

We welcome your visit to this educational and entertaining exhibition.

Travelling Exhibition Program is financially supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Turner Valley School Council.