Fixing Emergency Rooms Requires New Leadership: Forsyth


CALGARY, AB – The PC record of failing to reduce overcrowding in emergency rooms requires new leadership committed to restoring local decision making for hospitals, redirecting funding away from layers of Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) management and increasing funding for long-term nursing care beds, Wildrose Leader Heather Forsyth said today.

Despite flashy announcements months earlier, there has been little in significant action on the part of the PC government to meaningfully reduce emergency room wait times.

“Albertans deserve better than a health care system where the experts on our front-lines are forced to sound the alarm and scream for improvements from the province,” Forsyth said. “Let’s truly restore local decision making in health care, get rid of the bureaucratic malaise facing AHS and do what is necessary to shrink overcrowded emergency rooms by making real investments in long-term nursing care.”

Patients in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Grande Prairie and other emergency rooms throughout Alberta continue to face increasingly dangerous wait times putting their health and safety at risk.

A recent report from the Canadian Institute for Health Information shows that while Alberta spends 20 per cent above the national average on health care, the PCs invest 19 per cent below the national average on long-term care for seniors.

Forsyth said the current state of emergency rooms is an indictment on years of PC waste, mismanagement and failure to prioritize core services.

“While sole-sourced contracts were ballooning and the number of managers and executives expanding, the PC government sat idly by allowing this crisis to grow,” Forsyth said. “We ramped up spending into a broken health care system, instead of making targeted investments to improve patient care. We can and we must do better.”