First Steps in Establishing Energy War Room

Premier Jason Kenney and Energy Minister Sonya Savage are meeting on June 7 with key industry stakeholders to hear their expert advice in establishing the Energy War Room for the Government of Alberta.

“For more than a decade, Alberta’s responsible energy sector has been under attack from a sustained campaign of defamation and disinformation by special interest groups. This meeting is about combining the resources of industry and government to stand up for our province and to fight back against this campaign against Alberta that is often funded by foreign interests.”Jason Kenney, Premier

The Energy War Room is part of a larger stand up and fight back strategy that includes a public inquiry into foreign-funded meddling in our economy and politics.

“Thanks in a large part to the research of Vivian Krause, we know that the foreign-funded ‘Tar Sands’ campaign has links to bills C-69 and C-48, which are detrimental to the interests of Alberta’s responsible energy sector. Our Energy War Room will be a platform to amplify what has been uncovered by research from Ms. Krause, and other industry stakeholders who have been on the front lines of the effort to combat the misinformation about Alberta’s energy.”Sonya Savage, Minister of Energy

Recognizing that the world needs more energy produced by jurisdictions with responsible energy development, reclamation and environmental standards to fuel the demands of the world’s growing economy, the Energy War Room will re-assert Alberta as a leader in this field.

“Canadians and their governments are awakening to the fact that our economy has been the target of an international campaign to block us in and pin us down – to prevent us from developing our natural resources and competing in the global economy. They recognize that the world needs more energy, and that Canada can and should be a major producer because we do it more responsibly, more cleanly, and more ethically than the corrupt petrostates and brutal autocracies that environmentalists are afraid to criticize.”Jason Kenney, Premier