First Alberta Book Day Declared

First Alberta Book Day Declared

Culture and Tourism Minister Ricardo Miranda has declared May 15, 2018 as Alberta Book Day.

Minister Miranda discusses books with Alexander Finbow on Alberta Book Day.

Alberta Book Day recognizes the importance of Alberta’s book-publishing industry in preserving and sharing Alberta’s culture with the world, as well as contributing to the province’s economic growth and diversity.

“Books are a feast for the mind. As we mark the first Alberta Book Day in our province, we celebrate the depth, breadth and longevity of the book-publishing industry in Alberta, as well as Alberta’s talented writers, publishers and creative minds, and the part they play in making life better for all of us.”

~Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism

Alberta’s cultural industries play an important role in making the Alberta economy stronger and more resilient by creating jobs and generating billions in economic activity for the province. Alberta book publishers have brought Albertans thrilling tales of science fiction and fantasy, captivating historical dramas, scholarly and educational publications, and everything in between.

“Alberta Book Day is a great way to celebrate the quality and diversity of Alberta published books, the value they bring to the province, and to showcase to Albertans the wonderful resources that exist in their own backyards. I would like to thank the minister of Culture and Tourism and the Alberta government for marking this day and to help celebrate books and the importance of reading.”

~Alexander Finbow, president, Book Publishers Association of Alberta

Quick facts

  • In 2016, the book-publishing sector in Alberta contributed more than $18 million to the provincial GDP and accounted for more than 170 jobs (Statistics Canada Culture Satellite Account).
  • The modern book-publishing industry began in Alberta in 1969 with the opening of the University of Alberta Press, followed by Hurtig Publishing in 1972.
  • The Book Publishers Association of Alberta (BPAA) was founded in 1975 to support the development of a thriving provincial publishing industry, away from Canada’s traditional book-publishing centres.

The BPAA has 31 members, including 28 book-publishing companies, many of which are owned and operated in Alberta