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Firebrand Glass Celebrates Commissions

We have a couple of fantastic projects this winter we wanted to share with you. We were commissioned by two organizations to make large scale public sculpture. The first is for the Tyrell Museum. Our sculpture is about movement and in particular the movement of animals from a marine to terrestrial environment – a key event that happened in the Paleozoic period. A few years ago we did a project with the Tyrell and loved the experience of collaborating with them.  For more images and information check out our website and here is video of one of the components being made.


We have also been commissioned by Illuminart and Canoe Volant  Festivals to create an illuminated art piece. This was something we had never done before and was an exciting opportunity to combine glass and light. Our sculpture is inspired by the  beauty of winter. In particular we wanted to celebrate how in winter your breath will sparkle and ice crystals light up the most ordinary of things. What interests us artistically are those moments when we stop and see the beauty that surrounds us even the small and everyday. For more images and information visit our website or Illuminart.

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