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Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal Award Ceremony in Alberta

On May 27th at the start of the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association annual conference a special ceremony was held to award Alberta firefighters with the Exemplary Service Medal.

The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Lois Mitchell, presided over the presentations. Also in attendance were Alberta Fire Commissioner Kevan Jess and MLA Shaye Anderson, Minister of Municipal Affairs.

Members of Canada’s fire service have often been unappreciated, despite the often dramatic and widely publicized circumstances in which they perform. Their profession, more than most, is truly one of long periods of tranquility punctuated by moments of stark terror. The quiet times are dedicated to training and fire prevention; those moments of terror are all in the line of duty. Far too frequently, we sit in awe watching a spectacular fire without thinking about the people whose duty it is to fight the blaze or what is really involved. Nor do we consider that fire is an unpredictable and unforgiving enemy. When such things are considered, the fire service is a natural candidate for a service medal comparable to those already established.

In mid-1985, the Government of Canada accepted the proposal for the creation of a service medal for all full-time and volunteer members of the numerous components of Canada’s fire service. Regulations paralleling those of other exemplary service medals were drafted and a proposed design for the medal was submitted to representatives of the fire service. Once approved, the regulations and design were forwarded to the Sovereign with Cabinet’s recommendations. Her Majesty The Queen signed Letters Patent creating the Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal on August 29, 1985.

The design of the medal incorporates crossed axes, a hydrant, and a stylized Maltese cross, an internationally recognized symbol of the fire prevention community. Both are superimposed on a maple leaf, the standard background symbol of Canadian honours. The red of the ribbon represents fire; the gold, common to all exemplary service medals, represents the quality of the service honoured.

The medal is administered by the Chancellery of Canadian Orders and Decorations in Ottawa. The federal, provincial, and territorial jurisdictions independently recommend eligible and deserving members of the fire service to the Chancellery. Awards are made on behalf of the Sovereign by Instruments signed by the Governor General and are announced in the Canada Gazette. Engraved medals and certificates of award are forwarded to the nominating authority for formal presentation on behalf of the Governor General.


Photos of ceremony

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